If you’re in the market for a condo, then you’re probably wondering what to look out for given that most staged homes hardly show any alarming signs. This is why you need a condo inspection checklist to guide you through the inspection process. You don’t want to end up with a problem in your hands that you could have avoided by doing your due diligence on the property.  Here are some of the things to look out for.

1.      The Basement

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Does the condo have a basement? Then you should probably start your inspection there. This is usually the guts of your home and is where you find your fuse boxes, water heater, heating system, and appliances such as dryers and washers. You want to make sure that the basement of the condo is in perfect condition.  Check for leaks near the water heater. Inspect the ceiling and walls for dampness that could signify mold or leaks.

2.      Kitchen

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Your next stop should be the kitchen. Check the dishwasher for food-waste buildup and leaks. Make sure the seal around the door of the dishwasher is property airtight and secure. If it is possible to check behind the refrigerator, you definitely should. Look out for any buildup of dust as it can negatively affect the performance of the appliance. Do not forget to look under the sink. Any leaks or mold are a bad sign. You might also want to check the stoves and oven for signs of grease and oil buildup. Left unchecked, this buildup can easily cause a fire.

3.      Bathroom

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Moisture problems are common in the bathroom. You need an exhaust fan in your bathroom to prevent the steam from hot showers from soaking into your ceilings and walls. Look out for cracks I the caulking around the shower and tub as they are an invitation for water getting underneath the floorboards. This can cause untold damage if left unchecked.

4.      Plumbing

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You need to pay special attention to the plumbing. In fact, you might want to bring in a plumber to help with the process. Look under the sink in the bathroom and kitchen to make sure there are no leaks. The toilet should also have no signs of leaks and the stopper should be in good working condition. A toilet that runs more than it should will spike your water usage. This will reflect in your utility bill. Plumbing should be a key component of your condo inspection checklist.

5.      Bedrooms and Living Room

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These rooms are usually a breeze to inspect since there’s not much going on here. Check whether the ceiling fans are working if there are any installed. Also, check the power outlets and lighting fixtures to make sure they’re in good working condition. ‘

6.      Others

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You will want to test the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Find out whether the batteries have been changed recently. The rule is that condominiums should have smoke detectors on each floor and one by each bedroom.

Once everything on your condo inspection checklist has met your expectations, you can now kickstart the purchase process.  You can let the Toronto condo team handle this for you.

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