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Long distance moves require a lot of preparations and a plan in place. Without proper planning, the efficiency will take a hit. After a moving plan is in place, there is not much to do out of the box. The only thing you need to take care is about packing and moving, especially in the selection of the right long distance mover.

Your household goods should arrive safe and sound after a journey of a thousand miles or more. This is what it worth keeping in mind when you choose long distance movers.

1. Get a quote

Get a quote

Get a quote. Get it from two or three movers of repute. Do not ask for a quote on the phone. Ask for a house visit.

How speedily the mover’s representative visits your house is one pointer. The other is that you should ask him pointed questions. The rep should be able to give a satisfactory reply instead of evasive and vague responses.

Experienced movers will send representatives who can carry out an inspection of all that needs to be moved. He should then give you an on the spot quote that includes everything. Ask a lot of questions.

2. Mode of operation

Mode of operation

Not all packers and movers are the same. Some simply work as agents and will find the cheapest transporter with little regard for safety and speedy transportation.

Some movers pick up your household goods in a pickup, unload it at a warehouse and then reload it into a larger truck along with other goods and damage them in the process. There may be chances of pilferage.

Moving Matco way is better in that they take total care of the safety of your belongings from origin to destination. It is better to pick a mover who will bring a long distance haul box truck in which your belongings are loaded and locked and unloaded only at the destination. It may be expensive but your belongings are less likely to be damaged. Plus, you can expect speedy delivery right to your doorstep.

3. Registered, licensed, and insured

Registered, licensed, insured

Carry out your due diligence. This involves:

Check to see if the mover is registered with the Canadian Association of Movers.

Take their address and visit them in person. Ask if they are licensed to move across State borders.

What type of insurance do they offer for goods in transit? Get it clarified. Just hop over to know more about what you need to check about movers.

4. Reviews


Do not take the representative’s word at its face value. Go online and check for reviews of the mover.

It is in your interest as they say at to check reputation of the mover. If there are complaints then drop him like a hot potato.

5. Experience counts

Experience counts

Well established movers have got the process finely tuned. They know about inter-state transport of household goods and applicable regulations.

Experienced movers maintain their own fleet of well maintained trucks and they can offer a box truck that moves household goods in one truck direct to destination.

They have experienced drivers and chances of accidents are less.

6. Cost


The lowest is not the best. You may have some prized possessions that you do not wish to be damaged or lost in transit. Expert movers will have standards and cost of moving will be high but you can trust them to deliver your household goods safe and sound.

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