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Planning on moving houses? The first thing you need to do is get enough cardboard boxes for packing all your items. Moving boxes have been associated with the moving process for generations and are seen as the most ideal way to pack for a move. Boxes are practical, readily available, affordable, useful, and extremely versatile. Despite the numerous benefits associated with using boxes for moving house, it is still possible for you to transport your items without the need for cardboard boxes. Here is how to pack without using boxes.

1.      Use Suitcases

Use Suitcases
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These come in handy when you want to keep your clothes intact. What most people do not consider is using suitcases for more than just their clothes. Suitcases can also be used to move your books, especially the traveling suitcases made with small wheels for dragging. You can also use the suitcase for compact but heavy items like kitchen appliances and computer devices.

2.      Travel Bags and Backpacks

Travel Bags and Backpacks
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If you have small valuables that you want to pack safely, you can pack them in your backpacks or travel bags for your move. This will protect them from loss or damage when moving. You can also wrap the items in bubble wrap or packing paper to protect them from scratching and impact. This is especially important for jewelry and other items that are prone to damage from scratching.

3.      Briefcases

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You can use a briefcase to transport your important documents. Some of the important documentation you cannot afford to misplace include your personal documents, employment documents, medical records, financial records, and others. By packing them in a briefcase, you not only guarantee their safety but also know where they are for easy retrieval.

4.      Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags
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There are shopping bags made from very heavy-duty material and can do a good job of holding your items when you’re moving. Over time, you may have collected these bags from your runs to the convenience store or grocery store. If you have these bags, do not throw them out as you can use them to pack your items. If you have these bags lying around, then you don’t need to buy cardboard boxes for moving house. You can pack the bags in your own car or the Toronto Movers moving trucks.

5.      Tote Bags

Tote Bags
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If you have large tote bags, they can also come in handy when you’re packing for a move. You can use them to safely pack items that need protection from damage. The bags can literally hold anything. However, you should wrap the items in a protective paper before you secure them in the tote bags.

6.      Trash Bags

Trash Bags
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When moving, most people do not know what to do with their stock of garbage bags. If you do not want to use boxes for your move, these bags can also come in handy. If you have clothes that you hang in your wardrobe, these bags can come in handy for such items. You do not have to remove the4 clothes from the hangers, and this makes it easier for you when unpacking in your new house.

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