how to pack for a move

It is normal for human beings to forget things. It is especially common when one is stressed or under a lot of pressure. Planning for a house move can be one of the most stressful times of your life. As a result, you may end up forgetting to pack some of your stuff. Most times, you’ll only realize you forgot some items after you’re in the new house. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to pack for a house move to avoid leaving anything important behind. Here are some tips on how to pack for a move so that you won’t forget your prized possessions.

1.      Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs
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Medicine is one of the most forgotten items when moving houses. When you visit a recently vacated home, you’re likely to find medications that were forgotten in the medicine cabinet by the previous owner. Forgetting a few bottles of aspirin is okay. However, leaving your prescription medication behind can be a risk to your health. Especially if you are required to take the drugs every few hours or daily. Make sure to include your medicine on the list of things to pack to avoid forgetting them. Go through your medicine cabinet to confirm that the medication was packed before you leave.

2.      Important Documents

Important Documents
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Forgetting to pack your important documents can be disastrous. After all, you may need some of these documents immediately you move houses. It may prove difficult for you to rush back to your previous home to get them. To avoid such mishaps, get a document binder and keep all your important documents in one place. Make sure to pack this binder for your move. Also, remember to pack crucial documents such as driving licenses, property deeds, and rental agreements.

3.      Items in Storage

Items in Storage
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It is normal for storage areas to be overlooked when packing for a move. For this reason, you need to inspect your storage areas before you leave. Seasonal items and decorations are the most common to be forgotten in storage during a move. The cost of replacing these items can be high especially if it was not budgeted for. If you have a rented storage space, make sure to go through it and pack anything you will be needing in your new home.

4.      Items Loaned Out

  Items Loaned Out
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If you have important items that are with your family or friends, take them back from them in time to pack them for your move. Make a list of everything borrowed from you and ensure you take back everything you need. This is especially important if you are moving long distance. You may not get time to come back for these things in the near future.

5.      Valuables Hidden Around the House

Valuables Hidden Around the House
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Sometimes, you hide your valuables in different parts of the house for safety reasons. However, the pressure associated with the move can easily make you forget about these valuables. Family heirlooms, expensive jewelry, and money can easily be forgotten and lost. If you have a secret hiding place, ensure you go through it and take your prized possessions.

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