Considering everything, e bikes are just like other machines. They need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, especially if you live in an area with severe winter weather. But how should you go about it? Here are some tips for maintaining your electric bike.

1. Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly

Vibration, warm weather, and winter weather are some of the main things that can cause your tires to lose air. Make sure you check the pressure of your tires and if it is low, then adjust it accordingly. Check out Scooteretti if you would like to learn more information.

2. Clean Your Battery Connection Point

Check out where the battery enters the frame and make sure you scrub all exposed areas with an antiseptic solution like trisodium phosphate to prevent corrosion. Using a toothbrush can also help keep your battery clean.

3. Check Your Saddle

You need to check the saddle of your e bike from time to time. If it is dirty, then clean it first before continuing maintenance. You can use a spray for cleaning bedding and carpets to give the saddle a thorough clean.

4. Avoid Extra Weight While Riding Your Bike

Since e bikes are made with delicate components, having additional weight will only make it harder for you to control your electric bike. Make sure you don’t have extra items on your carrier if you are going out for a ride.

5. Clean The Chain

Your chain will collect dirt and debris if you don’t clean it now and then, so make sure you do. Use a chain cleaner and brush to give it a good clean. Never use anything not meant for cleaning chains; they can damage the chain. If your chain is lubricated, use an oil compatible with e bikes and wipe off the excess.

6. Don’t Forget To Check The Brakes

If you have disc brakes, make sure to check the disc pads’ condition regularly. Make sure they are not worn out or damaged in any way. If they are, then get new disc pads.

7. Care for the Battery

If you plan to store your bike for a long period, it is vital to charge the battery before storing it fully. If you are not going to use the bike for a few days, then leave it at level two, which is 80% of its power capacity.

8. Power off When the Bike is Not Being Used

You need to power off your bike when it is not in use. This will prevent accidents due to overcharging, leading to serious damage and warranty claims. This can also save a great deal of money, so you are advised to power off your electric bike when it is not being used.

Electric bikes are a great way to get around town. However, they require some maintenance and cleaning to keep running smoothly. The tips mentioned above will help you maintain your electric bike.

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