If you’re a new driver who is over 25 years of age, you’re likely just excited to get out there and put your new driving skills to use. Unfortunately, on top of passing the licensing test and finding a road-worthy car, there is one more obstacle that you must overcome before hitting the open road. As necessary as any other of the other rites of passage associated with driving, insurance is a key component of what allows everyone to share the roads safely.

Below are several great tips on how to get insurance for first time drivers over 25:

Why does car insurance tend to be more for a new driver over 25?

The drawback for new drivers who aren’t in the “young driver” (or below 25) category, is that they’re still expected to pay higher rates due to a lack of experience. This can be a tricky reality to stomach for someone who considers themselves a cautious and well-trained driver, especially accounting for all the other expenses which come with getting a licence and new car.

Insurance companies charge higher insurance for first time drivers over 25, because they perceive to be at a higher risk of getting into an accident. Rates for young drivers are more because there is an expectation that they are still learning the ins and outs of the road and are more likely to run into trouble.

As a driver gains more experience, their rates will go down and usually reach a low point around the age of 60 (assuming they’ve been driving since their late teens). Applying this logic to all new drivers, it is easy to see why age doesn’t factor in to reducing rates unless you have some experience.

Thankfully, it is not completely out of your hands. There are some strategies for securing Keller auto insurance for a reasonable price, even if you’re +25 and new to driving.

How can I save on insurance as a new driver over 25?

Of course, the best way to ultimately save money on your insurance is to keep a clean driving record and be patient while you gain more experience and wait for your rates to drop. In order to start off with the lowest possible rate though, take some of the follow tips and tricks into consideration.

1. Invest in an anti-theft device

Not only will it provide you with peace of mind while you’re away from your vehicle, but having an anti-theft device installed will usually result in lower insurance premiums. Invest in protection and save money for years to come.

2. Opt for a bundling discount

If you’re able to add your car insurance policy to an existing contract you have with the provider, you’ll probably end up spending less overall. See what kind of bundling discounts various providers offer and determine whether or not it could be a way for you to save money.

3. Be rewarded for your green efforts

With the looming threat of climate change weighing heavy on the automotive industry, some insurance companies are now offering incentives for their clients to choose a more energy-efficient car. In addition, some also offer low-mileage discounts. This means that if you can prove that you drive your car less than the average joe, you could be eligible for savings.

4. Consider a higher insurance deductible

If you’re comfortable with the idea of being on the hook for a higher deductible should something happen, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to negotiate a lower overall premium with the insurance company. Keep in mind that you have to ensure you’ll be able to pay the deductible out-of-pocket though, so it’s important to have some money set aside before asking for this option.

5. Don’t forget that safe driving pays off

If you aren’t eligible for any of the discounts mentioned above and are not able to take on the risk of a higher deductible, be comforted by the fact that your insurance will come to cost less over time. If you keep a clean driving record, you’ll be eligible for a Good Driver Discount within a year or two. Even if you do have some blemishes on your record to contend with, know that you’re never more than a few years away from having them wiped clean and getting a chance to start over.

6. Shop around to get the best insurance rates

All things considered, you should be willing to do some shopping around when it comes to finding the best insurance policy. Depending on where you live, there could be a good deal of competition going on between providers and that could end up working to your advantage.

Ask questions, compare rates, and don’t be shy about inquiring about a specific discount you think you might be eligible for. Insurance rates are always negotiable, and chances are that the more offers you compare, the cheaper your premium will end up being.

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