Your gut can really get in bad shape if it is not properly taken care of. So many people push it to the back burner as other concerns cloud their minds and make them unable to fully think through the true costs of their lack of action when it comes to their gut health. Right now we want to take a look at some exercises that you can couple with the best probiotic diets in order to have great health in your gut.

1. Squats

This is an exercise that you will actually feel in your gut as you are doing them. Most people use squats as a way to bulk up their abs of course, but you may also decide that they are great for helping to keep your guts clear and in shape. You can do this type of exercise from anywhere, so get to right away.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

This is a classic exercise that almost everyone remembers from an earlier time in their lives. These are an exercise that you can definitely measure in terms of repetitions. You can start out doing a limited number of them and then increase your output as you get up to the ability to do more of them with practice.

3. Pull-Ups


You absolutely will feel the burn in your gut if you start to do pull-ups on a regular basis. This is an exercise in which you are asking your arms to lift up the entire weight of the rest of your body. They are not easy to do even for those who have been working out for some time. You may not want to start with these if you have trouble with motivation. These may scare you away from continuing to do your workouts.

4. A Simple Run Or Jog


There is almost nothing better than a run or a jog when you are trying to get yourself in shape. You have to consider the benefits to every aspect of your body when you think about if you are going to run that day or not. It is easy to put it off to be sure, but you really can gain a lot by going for a run. Think about it, and make the decision to get that run in while you can.

5. Push-Ups


“Drop and give me twenty!”. You can do push-ups as a supplemental exercise to some of those already mentioned. You might want to work on them the same way that you work on the pull-ups. That is to say that you build up how many you are doing over time.

6. Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting

You can bulk up and do good by your gut when you use weight lifting as a way to build upon your gut health. A lot of people think that this is somehow just for gym rats, but weight lifting is actually a good exercise for anyone who wants to see results in their personal health life.

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