Got that tummy tuck you had been dreaming about for ages? Don’t you just love your flat tummy? You can now wear your favorite two-piece swimsuit and flaunt your assets at the beach. No more hiding your body because you feel people might mock you at the sight of it!

Getting a tummy tuck surgery is not painful but the post-op care is. You need to be extra careful with everything you do. The one thing that is quite difficult to do on your own and requires a helping hand is when you are showering. So, what exactly is it that makes showering so difficult? For one, the drain bulbs and second, the act itself is very taxing and takes a toll on your back.

Here are eight tips that you should follow when showering after a tummy tuck surgery:

Before Shower Care

  1. The first few days after the surgery can be very painful. Every time you move, you might feel like the stomach’s skin is stretching. To help ease this pain, take a pain tablet an hour before the shower.
  2. For the first three days, better wash your hair in the sink. This will reduce the strain on your body, which it would have gone through, due to all the movement in the shower. As for the rest of the body, take a sponge bath.
  3. Since it is not advised to shower for at least three days, lather your skin with moisturizing lotion after taking a sponge bath. Your skin will feel amazing! Better this than not showering, right?
  4. Secure the drains with an elastic band that you can wear in the shower. Make sure that the elastic band does not get heavy when it soaks up water. This elastic band will prevent accidental tugging that might rip out the tubes.

In-Shower Care

  1. In the first week, sit while showering. Standing up, hunched, for more than five minutes in the shower can cause back pain.
  2. Ask your husband to accompany you to the shower. During the first week, it is better to have help while showering because the act can be very tiring. You might feel your back spasm or your legs give out due to the pain.
  3. Don’t wash your hair on your own! Period.
  4. We understand that showering, mentally and physically drained you, so go ahead and take a nap. Trust us, this will work wonders on your body!

A tummy tuck procedure is the best option to go for if you have been struggling with saggy skin after weight loss. The procedure is less invasive and promises better results than other surgeries. Moreover, it allows you to not just maintain your weight but lose a few more pounds down the road.

The flat stomach and even skin will give you the motivation and confidence you have always needed to put yourself out there and enjoy your life to the fullest

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