Statistics show that 1.3 million individuals die as a result of car accidents every year. This means that an average of 3,287 people die in a day around the world. You might think that most of these accidents are caused by things like drunk driving, or speeding through red lights but you couldn’t be more wrong.

The leading cause of fatal car accidents in the world is distracted drivers.

Imagine a world where 20 to 50 million people are injured or handicapped. That is the world we are currently living in.

In light of this information, the following are several tips from Futerman Partners which drivers can use to reduce the occurrences of road accidents.

1. Be Conscientious With Red Lights Sprinters

As a driver, it is your primary responsibility to be watchful of your surroundings. Every time you approach an intersection, slow down even on a green light.

Most people speed through green or yellow lights without a care; view both ways and make sure it’s clear for safe passage. Beware of all your blind spots as well as other drivers’ especially truck drivers. Trucks have more blind spots than smaller vehicles, exercise caution every time you’re driving past or near a truck.

2. Watch For Children

Stay alert for any roads signs you might come across. Sometimes kids get distracted while playing or walking near the road. Every time you approach a sign indicating children might be around, slow down.

Don’t just do this when you spot a sign, slowdown in areas where children are likely to be around. This includes schools and parks. Research shows that worldwide, road accidents are the second leading cause of death among individuals aged 5 to 14 years old .

3. Vehicle Maintenance

The second you buy a car, an automatic responsibility befalls you to keep the vehicle road worthy. Always make sure that the tires have enough pressure and grip, check for any oil spills, and schedule regular car service to avoid any stalls or malfunctions.

If the breaks stop working or the engine breaks down, everybody around you will be put in potential danger.

4. Hands On The Wheel

driving car

Having many distractions in a car is a bad idea. Every time you’re driving, at least one hand should be on the wheel. Avoid simple distractions like eating while driving, sweeping through radio stations, or taking calls or texts.

Things happen fast on the road; a slight pothole or speed bump might plunge your vehicle into another lane leading to an accident.

5. Follow Road Rules

Road rules are there to ensure your safety. Keep a safe distance while behind other cars, use signals at all times, slow down every time you approach traffic, and keep watch of your blind spots. There is a reason why there are road rules. Be obedient, and you may prevent injury or death of another human being.

Studies predict that if the rate of road accidents continues, by the year 2030 road accidents will be the fifth leading cause of death in the world. Regulations are there for a reason, be keen every time you’re on the road.

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