Make sure you change the locks

Moving into that dream home or apartment can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many of us. It can be emotionally and physically taxing at the same time.

When you are nervous about the new neighbors and locality, remind yourself of all the house-warming gifts that are coming your way.

On a serious note, just like you plan your packing from the old house, there is a need a planning your move into the new home. We, with the help of Calgary movers, will tell you why this is important with some points.

1. Make sure you change the locks

Make sure you change the locks

The First and foremost thing to be done while moving into your beautiful and new home is to change your locks.

You may or may not know the previous occupants of the house and it’s better not to take any chances to keep yourself and the family safe.

Get the right locksmiths and would be a question of an hour or a little more. All set with brand new locks for the house!

2. Keep a budget for furnishings


It’s that time of your life when you could feel generous and splurge a bit on furnishing the house right. Set aside a budget beforehand as to avoid going broke sometime later of the month.

You don’t want to dry out your savings account, do you? Or even overshooting credit card bills? Furnishing can be done slow and steady. Keep looking for offers online and also, some flea markets when luck could hit you.

3. Make sure your address is updated

First thing is to obviously update your near and dear ones of your new home and the address. You don’t want to be missing out on important invitations and reminders, do you?

You could create a chain mail and forward at one go, if you lack time. Sending out personal updates can be tiresome with all the packing and unpacking in hand.

Not to forget doing the official address update with the nearest post office where a form has to be filled. It is easy available online or even drop in and does it at least two weeks before the move.

4. Make the move smooth enough for your pets (If you have any)

This is for all of you who have a dog or a cat at your place and have to make a safe abode for the animal at the new place. They may be susceptible for diseases at the new home with all the dust and moving drama, so get their shots done in advance. The next would be to make arrangements for them to settle down and this includes their area to finish their toilet functions.

5. Clean the bathrooms well in advance

Sounds bizarre? We assure you not as it will benefit the first after you move in. Moving will be a tiring and sweaty process. The first you may want to do is freshen up and feel better before you start unpacking. You will thank us when the clean bathrooms make you feel better then! People suggest that you change all the toilet seat and covers too!

6. Check the electrical connections


This is the last tip we want to give you as it is always better to have all the electrical connections and minimal appliances are working and in condition too. You wouldn’t want to move into a house where lights, heater, AC are not working fine and that doesn’t count for a great start. Get the local electrician too if you feel something is not right and get complete assurance too.


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