How often car accidents occur differs from one state to the other. Some car accidents occur due to human error while others are caused by completely unavoidable circumstances. Thousands of lives are lost each year due to horrible road accidents. It is therefore important for each road user to practice caution while on the road. The best way to ensure you are safe on the road is to learn about the most common causes of car accidents and how to avoid them.

1.      Distracted Driving

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Being distracted on the road is a threat to yourself and other road users. Distracted driving causes a lot of accidents every year. It has been one of the leading causes of car accidents for more than 10 years. To ensure you do not become part of the grim statistics, do not answer calls or texts while driving. Also, steer clear of activities such as eating, reading a book, or grooming while behind the wheel.

2.      Driving While Drunk

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This is a common yet dangerous cause of road accidents. Drunk driving is also the most fatal cause of road accidents today. If you decide to go drinking, ensure you either use cab service or get a designated driver.

3.      Speeding

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Speeding can be very tempting if you are in a hurry to get somewhere or running late. This is one of the most fatal causes of car accidents today. It is advisable for you to resist the urge to speed and stick to the required speed limits. If you have to be somewhere, ensure you leave early enough so that you have adequate time.

4.      Harsh Weather Conditions

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Sometimes, road accidents occur because the visibility on the road is reduced due to harsh weather conditions. This is especially so during rainy and cold seasons. When there are extreme weather conditions, the roads get slippery and dangerous. If the weather conditions are too extreme, it is best to avoid driving until things get better.

5.      Running A Red Light

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While this may seem obvious, most people are notorious for skipping red lights. Even when it seems like there are no oncoming cars, red means stop and you should always come to a stop when the light turns red. Not only is it against the law to skip a red light, it also places you and other road users at risk. Therefore, no matter your reasons, always stop at a red light.

6.      Flaws in Your Car

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Sometimes, a car may develop mechanical or performance issues while on the road. For example, sudden brake failure can easily lead to an accident. It is advisable that you get your car checked and fixed as often as possible. This will go a long way in avoiding breakdowns while driving.

7.      Poor Roads

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The nature of the road you are driving on can be an accident risk. It is important to drive carefully when you approach a road that is in poor condition. You can try and drive around portholes as opposed to driving through them. Also, slow down when driving on bad roads.

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