That one moment where everything changes for a woman is when she becomes a mother. That feeling of euphoria is so high that for a few minutes, they forget all their pain and worries, and bask in the glow of giving birth to this tiny bundle of joy.

Pregnancy also happens to be one of the most difficult times in a woman’s life. In fact, childbirth falls right at #9 in the category of most painful procedures in the world. The first time a woman gives birth, it all seems scary but the next time around, the whole thing is more bearable.

Two things that remain constant are the pain they go through and the post-surgery stress. This is the reason why it is advised that after a few days of giving birth, women should seek physiotherapy to regain strength in their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

Following are eight things regarding physiotherapy that you should know, in order to deal with post-pregnancy stress:

1. Set Realistic Expectations

You carried a human being inside you for 9 months and that changed your body significantly. So, when you start exercising after you have given birth, don’t expect your body to get into shape right away. It will take at least 3 weeks for you to adjust to your daily routine and around 9 months more to completely be in tune with your body as you were before. So, don’t give up!

2. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Really, just stop! Your body hasn’t changed forever. It just needs a little time to get back into shape. Playing the what-if game and comparing yourself to other women will only get you into a state of depression.

3. Exercise

When your baby is asleep, get some shut-eye yourself. When he or she is awake, fed and happily playing in their crib, then put on some music and get your groove on. Test out the positions you are comfortable in and then gradually build your way up.

4. Better Owt than Nowt

Start exercising now! The longer you wait, the more your body will become accustomed to the change it has gone through. Start with just three minutes every day and you will see the difference immediately.

5. Don’t Forget to Breathe

Too beat to do exercise? Why not just sit down and meditate! Find a comfortable position, light a scented candle and do some breathing exercises.

6. Avoid Sit Ups

The one exercise that you should avoid after pregnancy is sit ups. For one thing, sit ups push everything south. Moreover, they make it difficult for the abdominal muscles to return to their original position.

7. When Feeding, Keep Your Feet Up

One of the most common problems that occur after pregnancy is back pain. So, whenever or wherever you sit, raise your feet. This will help alleviate back pain and prevent it from escalating further.

8. Start Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise after 3 Weeks

Think of this exercise like building your pension. The more you do it, the better you will be able to handle your next pregnancy. Plus, this will help you whip your body into shape in no time.

During pregnancy, your spine is the one body part that suffers the most. The best way to get it realigned is to seek chiropractic care after 6 weeks. You can also join physiotherapy classes to get familiar with the basic exercises that will benefit you in the long term.

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