How To Cure A Yeast Infection At Home Fast? Follow These 6 Steps For Most Effective Results

An itching and burning vagina is a symptom of yeast infection which can cause irritating sensations down there. Thankfully, a yeast infection can be cured at home. That too naturally.

How To Cure A Yeast Infection At Home Fast?

There are 6 steps you need to follow in order to cure the vaginal yeast infection naturally:

1. Put Coconut Oil Dipped Cotton Down Inside

Make sure that you get organic coconut oil from the market. There are plenty of fake ones out there.

Coconut oil has a lot of properties and antibacterial is one of them.

Dip some cotton or a tampon into the coconut oil and put it down under. Leave it there overnight.

Most of the times, this step is enough to cure a yeast infection but it still doesn’t work, the next step is..

2. Mix Little Oregano Oil With Coconut Oil and Repeat Step 1

Take a very little amount of oregano oil and mix it with some coconut oil.

The ratio should be 1:20.

One drop of oregano oil and 20 drops of coconut oil should be mixed and dipped into the tampon.

Put the oregano and coconut oil combo dipped tampon should into the vagina and leave overnight.

It might smell funny but trust me, it works like a charm.

3. Take a Clove of Garlic, Make A Few Holes, And Put it Inside The Vagina

You might be thinking by now that I must be kidding with these awful looking steps but trust me when I say this: These home remedies are being practices since ancient ages.

Take a clove of garlic. With the help of a small pin, puncher some holes in the cloves.

Tie a thin thread string with the clove in order to pull it outside easily.

Now put the piece of garlic inside your vagina and leave it there for a night.

4. Drink A lot of Unsweetened Cranberry Juice

It doesn’t matter that you like its taste or not, Cranberry juice helps in getting rid of all kinds of vaginal infections and urinary tract infections.

It tastes bad though and worse when unsweetened.

It rectifies the Ph level of your urine and hence, it restricts the growth of fungi and bacteria.

The yeast is essentially flushed out of your system with the help of Cranberry juice.

5. Have Some Yogurt For Consuming Healthy Bacteria

Vaginal infection is caused due to the imbalance in the population of good bacteria and bad bacteria in the vagina. When you consume some sort of antibiotics, the balance between healthy microbes and unhealthy bacteria might get disrupted. This will cause the yeast overgrowth and eventually, yeast infection.

The most logical solution to this problem is to re-populate the number of healthy microbes in the Vagina. This is where Yogurt comes into the picture because it consists of Lactobacillus acidophilus. This will help in restoring the balance and hence, you’ll get rid of the yeast infections.

6. If Nothing Else Works, Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known for its antifungal properties.

It helps in reducing candida albicans – one of the most common yeasts found in yeast infections.

According to this report, tea tree oil has shown a lot of success in treating vaginal yeast infections. The process is the same as step 2.

Just be careful while using this oil as too much of it can irritate the skin and the sensitive vaginal wall.

Put it with coconut oil in a tampon and then put the tampon inside.

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