Calibration of a test equipment is something which every lab owner is well aware of. Being in the industry, you must know how important it is to keep all the instruments and devices calibrated at all time. There are, however, two different kinds of lab instrument calibrations.

The first one is known is in-lab calibration where you’ll have to ship the required test instrument and equipment to the lab of your calibration service provider.

The second one is called on-site test calibration where the team of technicians will come to your lab and calibrate the equipment there itself.

In this article, we’ll find out why on-site calibration is better than in-lab calibration:

1. On-Site Calibration Minimizes The Downtime

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Imagine running a packaging company without properly calibrated machines. That will be a mayhem and imagine the loss. In order to get rid of this situation asap, only on-site calibration can help. You can quickly call the calibration company and they’ll send in a team of professional technicians. They will calibrate the machines themselves and make sure that everything starts running as soon as possible.

This will enable you to get speedy recovery from the downtime as opposed to in-lab calibration where you will have to pack the equipment, ship them to the labs of calibration service providers, and wait for them to send the equipment back to you after calibrating them. Just imagine the amount of downtime you’ll have to suffer in case you opt for in-lab (also known as off-site calibration).

2. Regular Scheduling of On-Site Calibration Decreases The Overall Maintenance Cost

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There are many calibration service companies which will be pleased to offer you some sweet deals on regular maintenance scheduling. This way, you can hire them one by one on a contract basis. Ask them to compete with each other’s quotations. Also, if this regular scheduling is done, the possibility of machines getting out of control is really thin.

Regular scheduling of calibrations also comes cheaper than to ship your equipment to the labs. Especially for the owners of big and heavy machines, On-site calibration comes at a much less expensive than off-site calibration.

3. Reduces The Risk of Equipment Getting Damaged While In Transit

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A delicate lab test equipment is exposed to dangers like physical damages, contamination, and internal damages if you are opting for off-site lab calibration. You’ll have to be extremely extra careful while packing the delicate devices, hence increased packaging cost and time.

Also, the transportation of fragile equipment may cost you even more. If any physical damages occur, you’ll have to bear the cost and consequences.

However, some of the companies provide insurance for your shipment but that is very rare and comes at a cost. Anyhow, there will always be a bit of tension in your head while your devices are getting shipped and you haven’t heard about its successful delivery.

These 3 reasons make it very clear why you should always choose on-site calibration rather than in-lab calibration.

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