Relationships can be as trickier as they are wonderful. It takes a lot more to maintain a relationship than to start one. And, if the relationship you are having is a long distance one, then it becomes as much difficult at times. Rather than asking if long distance relationships work, you need to figure out if your particular long distance relationship is working or not. And, to do so, you need to watch out for the subtle signs.

How do you know if your long distance relationship is working?

The chemistry in long distance relationships works in a somewhat different manner as compared to any regular relationship where the couples are in the same city. It’s because of the inherent complexity of meeting the challenges posed by distance in the relationship in addition to the regular challenges. In the US, 40% long distance relationships fail. Here are a few points that should make it clear if your long distance relationship is working or not.

1. Consider your feelings and trust

What are you feeling while you are in this relationship? Is it a good and warm feeling? Are you feeling loved and cared for? Do you have a sense of peace and security and you know that your partner is in this with you together? These are essential in long-distance relationships. If you have the peace of mind, trust on your partner, and feeling wonderful about the relationship, then this is a good sign and shows that your long distance relationship is on the right track.

2. Consider your communication

Like any other relationship, communication is essential in a long-distance relationship as well. It is probably more important than in any other type of relationship. When you are maintaining a long-distance relationship with your partner, consider how often you two communicate and what are you two speaking about. Are you sharing all the details of your day to day life? Are your communications natural and feels relieving? Do the two of you share your affection, love, and feelings while communicating? These are positive signs in long distance relationship.

3. Review your intimacy


Intimacy might not be the first thing that matters in a relationship, but few among us are able to maintain platonic love. Intimacy is necessary to a certain degree. That becomes difficult in long distance relationships. So, how are you handling it? Are you and your partner okay with sharing your intimate fantasies? Are you two speaking about the last time you two got physically close and speak freely about what you like and dislike? Are the two of you on the same page? If yes, then this is perfect. If one partner becomes more demanding while the other one is becoming uncomfortable then that might not be working out at all.

4. Managing space in the relationship

How are you managing the personal space? If your partner becomes overly controlling, then, that is a red flag for the relationship. The relationship should not become too demanding either and the trust should remain. If your partner needs assurances that you are doing exactly what you are saying, then you might be heading towards a fallout.

5. Managing social life


Both of you need to have your social life as well. It might even involve either of your families, besides your friends and colleagues. The relationship should not come in between, nor should be threatened by the presence of the social life.

6. Managing your meetings


How often are you two meeting? How are you two managing the finances? If you are traveling to meet up then it is important to know how much you two will be spending on travel. Also, how frequent are your meetings going to be? Make sure it’s a viable solution.

Long distance relationships are not impossible, but it needs a certain level of maturity. 75% of all relationships in the US have gone through a phase of long distance relationship and have triumphed over the challenges. It is perfectly possible.

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