The baseball cap as we know it today was invented in 1860, and was primarily worn by baseball players. Today baseball caps are a global multi-billion dollar industry. Despite their name, you don’t have to be heading up to bat to reap the benefits of these hats. Baseball caps are inarguably the most popular hats available today, and it’s no wonder why!

There are a ton of reasons for guys to sport a baseball cap on almost any occasion. Here are the eight benefits of wearing a baseball cap:

Benefit #1: Shade your eyes

The most common benefit of wearing a baseball cap is that it provides protection from the sun. Although the invention of the baseball cap wasn’t actually intended for that purpose (it was a question of style back then), a baseball cap is a great help to players who are trying to avoid getting the sun in their eyes while catching a pop-fly.

Similarly, anybody out for a stroll, or hanging out in the sun on a summer day can appreciate the extra shade on their face.

Benefit #2: Ease the burn

Not only is the shade appreciated, but the cover on your head and face are also great for avoiding painful sunburns. This is especially true for individuals with thin hair, or who are bald. Their heads are much more at risk of becoming burnt since they are not protected by hair.

With that said, even those of you with thick locks could use the protection of a baseball cap, as the areas where your hair parts can become burnt easily.

Benefit #3: Body temperature regulation

Another benefit of wearing baseball caps is that they are actually able to assist in the regulation of the body’s temperature. During the hot months, they block the direct heat of the sun, which helps maintain a lower body temperature. Some caps even include features that offer more breathability which allows air into the cap, while still blocking direct heat.

In cooler months, baseball caps can help avoid the escape of heat from the body. A lot of the body’s heat is lost through the head, so in slightly cooler weather it can actually help keep the wearer warm, even though it isn’t considered a “winter hat”.

Benefit #4: Inexpensive

Whether you’re buying in bulk for a business or just one for yourself, it’s easy to see why baseball caps are such a popular choice. It’s not hard to find these caps on sale for a fraction of the price of other kinds of hats and accessories.

Benefit #5: Support your favourites

Baseball caps are an easy way to show your support for the teams, bands, and businesses that you love. Baseball caps allow people to show their pride for whatever they are supporting, and it can become an icebreaker or a conversation piece. It can encourage friendly rivalry, indicate a point of commonality, or just make someone feel confident.

Custom snapback hats can be a sign of support for a business that you believe in deeply. This fashion choice can also be used to protest administration, or to show that they stand in solidarity with a group. Baseball caps have become a popular method for helping people to share bits of their personality through an accessory.

Benefit #6: Gain a following

If you’re trying to promote something, a baseball cap is a great choice of product. They are inexpensive if you want to use it as a giveaway, but can also be sold for a low price which is enticing to those who want to support your brand or organization without breaking the bank. For companies, it’s a great way to encourage brand recognition – arguably one of the most important things a company can have.

Benefit #7: Fashion

Depending on when and where you grew up, you may be able to picture individuals in ball caps throughout the years. How about Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air sporting a sideways baseball cap?

The New York Yankees are a popular team in their own right, but their cap became arguably more popular when it was seen to be sported by famous rapper Jay-Z. Baseball caps have become a sign of fashion, and over the years we see some of pop culture’s biggest icons using them to make a statement.

Benefit #8: Hide your bad hair day

Since baseball caps are viewed as a statement of fashion, and are widely accepted in most places, they can be a very sneaky way to hide a bad case of bedhead or a home haircut gone wrong. They are good for those lazy days when you didn’t have time to brush your hair, or that day before you wash your hair when it’s a little greasy.

Whatever the reason, baseball caps are a great way to cover it up until you can deal with it. And for our long-haired friends: A good snapback lets you pull your hair through in a convenient ponytail.

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