The dangers associated with distracted driving are well known. In fact, road safety authorities have a lot of statistics about accidents caused by distracted driving. It has been an issue for generations, even before the invention of cell phones. Even so, it is preventable. Here is how to prevent distracted driving.

1.      Turn Off Your Phone

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Phone calls and text messages can wait until you get to your destination. When on the road, it is important to keep your phone out of reach. You can turn the screen to face down or simply turn it off. Whatever method you decide to use, you need to avoid using your phone when driving. You can always return that call or text when you get to your destination.

2.      Avoid Multitasking and Find A Way to Organize Your Stuff

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It is important to know where everything is in your car before driving off. Set the GPS route before and prepare any passes you may need at entry or exit points. Ensuring you’re organized before you hit the road will help you keep your focus when you’re on the road.

3.      Let Your Passengers Help

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If you are not traveling alone, you can use your passengers to look for something or handle a call if need be. Your primary job is to get everyone to your destination safely. If you want to tune the radio, you can let someone else do it. They can also handle the GPS settings or return a text on your behalf.

4.      Avoid Serious Discussions

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Engaging in heated conversation while driving can be distracting. It can get you stressed and unable to fully focus on the road. If you have something serious to discuss with your passenger, you can save it for later. It’s more important that you reach your destination safely.

5.      Use Bluetooth And Voice Commands Sparingly

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There are all sorts of cool gadgets and tech that you can use while driving. While they do come in handy, they can also be a source of distraction. Anything that takes your mind off the road even for a moment should be avoided. For example, issuing voice commands will take your focus from driving and this may lead to an accident.  Only use these gadgets when you really need to.

6.      You Can Use Your Smartphone for Navigation

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While this may seem odd, it is okay to use your smartphone’s GPS while on the road. Most smartphones turn off other phone functions even when the GPS is on. This makes it a safety device when used in this way.

7.      Drive Times Should Be Quiet Times

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Everyone needs some quiet at some point in their day. As much as most people do not think driving time can be relaxing time, it can be. You can turn off the radio and just enjoy the quiet time. Some peace and quiet on the road can help you to focus on the road and relax your mind.

Even with your best efforts to stay safe on the road, accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Should you get into an accident, you might want to get a  Futerman Partners lawyer to help with the personal injury claims process.



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