In comparison to other beverages, a bottle of wine is in its own lane. There is something intrinsically unique about wine, when a number of factors are put into play. From taste range to ageing, everything about the drink is distinctive. Opening up a bottle is also distinctive as well, requiring a little bit of ingenuity on your end.

You don’t have to resort to any sort of forceful tactics either, when trying to pop the cork. With a little bit of manual labour, you’ll be sipping on that special bottle of red wine in no time.

Some tricks to opening a bottle aren’t as unorthodox as you’d think; here are some ways to open a wine bottle:

1. Corkscrew

Using corkscrew is the most common way to open a wine bottle. A corkscrew is the golden standard of prying open your desired wine bottle. To use it, place the tip of the tool into the center of the cork. Do this in a delicate manner, so that you don’t accidentally harm yourself.

Next, the wings of the corkscrew should then be pushed down using your hands. This will allow the screw to lift the cork upwards towards you. The process is relatively easy, but, sometimes, the cork won’t be free just yet. If this happens, push the screw down into the cork with more pressure, and repeat the procedure.

2. Shoe

Although it may initially be hilarious, using a shoe is an effective way to remove a wine bottle’s cork. Grab the targeted bottle of wine, and hold it in place against a surface. This could be done on your kitchen countertop, or a wall. Your next step involves getting a shoe, preferably one with a raised sole.

In order for the cork to inch out of the bottle, place the wine inside the shoe. Then, physically, but gently, smack both items in tow against the surface. You should be able to see it inch slowly out, moving upwards. Once it nears the top, you can manually remove the cork.

3. Car Keys

For a relatively unconventional means of opening up a wine bottle, use your car keys. This trick is similar in vein to the corkscrew, but is much simpler by design. To kickstart the process, insert one of your keys into the wine bottle’s cork. However, aim for inserting it at an angle.

Instead of going for the centre, the key should be able to penetrate the cork near its perimeter. The next step involves pushing the cork in a clockwise manner, while also moving it up. With a delicate, methodical maneuvering, the key will inevitably allow the cork to be removed.

4. Heat Application

Using heat is reserved for those who only have a blowtorch on hand. If you don’t, there are probably better methods to employ. If you do, however, heat is an excellent means of quickly getting a cork out of a wine bottle. Grab your blowtorch and apply a modest amount of heat near the top of the bottle.

The key here is to apply the heat just under where the cork is inserted. That way, the warmth will force the cork to move upwards and out. One important note to consider; do not use this on a cold bottle. The wine bottle could explode because of the rapid change in temperature!

5. Screw & Pliers

Another popular method of removing a wine bottle’s cork is through the use of this combination. Like its corkscrew counterpart, the process is relatively the same. You’ll first want to insert a screw into the center of the cork. Ensure that the chosen screw isn’t shorter than an inch and a half.

Once it has been fitted inside, grab your set of pliers. Grip the neck of the screw with the tool and pull it upwards towards you. After you feel like it is loose enough, use the pliers to grip and pull the cork out completely.

6. Wire Hanger

An unwound wire hanger can be considered to be the Swiss Army Knife of do-it-yourself tools. Opening a wine bottle with one is just one of its many uses. Twist the hanger into the shape of a corkscrew, and wiggle and twist the cork out with a few motions.

7. Your Hands

Sometimes, a cork may not be used to seal a wine bottle. If a bottle comes with a cap attached, you may be in luck. Caps are much easier to remove than corks; use your hands and detach it accordingly.

In order to preserve the quality of the wine inside, these bottles must be effectively sealed. Thankfully, it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to remove the cork or cap. If you don’t have a corkscrew on hand, be sure to use one of these practical solutions!

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