“Pure love is a willingness to give without a thought of receiving anything in return”.

The important fact however, remains whether the person you’re in love with truly loves you or not. True love is difficult to come by, and can be very intimidating for people who have given up on relationships due to their scarred past. Find out more about relationships and love in depth.

In a world where people love pretending to be someone they’re not, it is important that you learn to be your own vigilante. Here are 6 signs that can signify that your partner might be cheating on you:

1. Loss of Interest:

Whether the loss of interest in you has been over a period of time or sudden, in either case it is a bad sign for the relationship in general.

While anxiety and depression can be potential reasons for loss of interest in love life, you will be able to distinguish a cheater and a person who is mentally exhausted.

Don’t forget to support him if it turns out to be the latter!

2. Unexplained Behavior:

If they’re being rude to you for no reason and try covering it up calling them mood swings, buckle down.

You need to take your stand and stop any sort of harsh behavior that is thrown on you. A healthy relationship always ensures you’re treated fairly without such unexplained behavior.

3. Two Cell phones:

Source:Flickr/ Bill Dickinson

If you’ve noticed your partner using two separate cell phones, it can be a potential sign that they’re into someone and don’t want them to find out about you either.

If you notice sudden changes in calling habits such as increased privacy while talking, your relationship could be in jeopardy.

4. Stricter Privacy Settings On Social Media:

Source:Flickr/ Jason Howie

Social media accounts can ruin the game of a potential player if they’re taking things lightly. Cheaters often have a habit of keeping strict privacy settings in their posts so that you can’t put the pieces together and get to the person they’re fooling around with.

5. Absence:

Unexplained absence at odd hours can signify that they’re spending some quality time with someone they shouldn’t without your knowledge. While you can always ask for explanations, it will make matters worse if you catch their lies. It is better advised that you keep calm when you catch their lies and look for other signs.

6. Frequent work related trips:

Too many work related trips over a period of a few months can be a potential sign. While this totally depends on the nature of job they do for a living, you would be able to differentiate whether that actually is work related or someone has been lying to you all the livelong day. You can always enquire at their office whether they’re being honest to you or something else has been cooking all these months.

In a world where everybody is constantly trying to outsmart one another, being an innocent pure soul won’t work out very well for you in the end. I’m neither exaggerating nor asking you to take the aggressive alternatives, but you need to be aware of your surroundings in a much better way. If you’re sure about the signs mentioned above, we still suggest you to wait a bit longer and call it off as soon as you feel things have gone haywire.

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