There are more and more people nowadays who decide to to change their regular nine to five job and become freelancers. Those people are usually tired of having their bosses above their heads, and finally want to do something for themselves. On the other side, some people are sceptical when it comes to freelancing, which is completely understandable. It’s not easy to replace the job with a stable monthly income and to decide to earn money only using your computer and your skills. But, you should know that it’s not impossible. Many people were brave enough to try it, and now when you ask them, they would never go back to the office again. However, different countries offer different opportunities for freelancers, and this is exactly what we are going to deal with in this article. We are presenting you some of the best countries for freelancers, that is, the ones that provide the best conditions to work from home and earn enough money. Of course, this should not discourage you, as freelancing is possible, no matter where you live. But, if you decide to move to one of these countries, prepare your documents, call the movers to help you, and throw a goodbye party. But, first, let us see where you could possibly go.

  1. New Zealand

If you decide to become a freelancer in New Zealand, you should know that it is quite easy to open and start with your own business. If you are a graphic designer or if you deal with anything from the IT sector, your chances to succeed are way too big.

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  1. Spain

Honestly, we would not mind going to Barcelona and work there, only to enjoy its beautiful beaches. However, this country is more than attractive to freelancers, and with free wifi almost everywhere and a high level of credit availability, it is something to take into consideration.

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  1. Great Britain

Being a freelancer in London sounds quite fancy, and believe us, it really is. This country, with cities such as London and Manchester are a heaven for freelancers, especially those who deal with any sort of writing.

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  1. United Arab Emirates

This country is a residence for many millionaires, and the best thing about it is the fact there is no income tax. What you earn is completely your, and you may earn a lot as a freelancer, especially if you are in the IT sector.

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  1. The USA

It would definitely be weird not to be put this country on the list, as it is definitely one of the best when it comes to freelancers. According to the Freelancers Union 35 percent of the U.S. workforce, or 55 million people, were freelancers in 2016, two million more than in 2014, and the number increases every year.

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  1. Hong Kong

Those who deal with business and finances will definitely mark Hong Kong as the best place for the life and work of freelancers. Hong Kong has a low income tax rate, an excellent Internet speed, and lots of opportunities for people who want to become freelancers.

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