Creating an effective product label design is essential for getting sales and keeping your business running. There are many companies to work with when you need help designing a product label that will catch your customer’s attention and have them wanting to buy your product over the competition. You can learn more information at The Printing House. To help you get started, below are some tips for designing product labels that will take your brand to a new level.

1. Keep Design Simple

Many brands make the mistake of thinking they need to add a lot about their product to the design of the label. In reality, labels that are simple and clean often offer maximum user experience. Too much going on with your product label can throw customers off. This can be especially true when you sell food products to customers wanting to know the nutrition facts. Pertinent information should be easily found on your product label.

2. Pick Unusual Shape

An easy way to design your label to stand out is to make it an unusual shape compared to your competition. While many product labeling uses standard shapes of circles or rectangles, you can create a unique shape that will fit your product and stand out. Non-standard shapes can grab customers’ attention as they walk by.

3. Use Quality Products

It will not matter if you have an amazing design created for your label if it ends up being made with poor materials. Your product label is a representation of your brand, and a poorly made label may suggest your products are not quality ones.

4. Choose Font Wisely

You may want your product label to stand out by choosing a creative font. However, your customers must be able to easily recognize and read what is written on your products. Ultimately, do not choose a font that is too generic. If possible, choose the same font for all of your products so your customers can recognize it quickly. Using the same font for all of your products will make it easier for customers to recognize and will keep your company consistent with its message.

5. Choose Colors Wisely

Another tip for designing a product label is to choose colors wisely. When your product is on the shelf with many competitors, the color scheme of your product needs to catch a customer’s attention within a second or two. Keep your colors consistent among your brand and products to make them easily recognizable to your customers. People are more likely to choose your product when the colors pop out to them.

These are just a handful of easy ways to design a product label that will stand out to your customers. An effective design can help your products get chosen over the competition. The right label speaks to your brand and what your company represents.

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