DIY teeth straightening kits and braces are becoming quite popular. These kits promise high quality results at a small price. Unfortunately, they don’t offer long term results. In fact, they can be very dangerous and can cause more damage.

The problem is the materials used to create these DIY braces are not dentist-quality. Since people don’t have the proper tools to make these braces for an exact and tight fit, they end up doing immense damage that can create further problems.

Some of the materials used to make these DIY braces include:

  • Superglue
  • Rubber bands
  • Orthodontic wax
  • Dental floss
  • Hair elastics
  • Paper clips
  • Jewelry bracelet beads

Not only are these materials non-sterile but can also cause infections. Following are five more reasons that will convince you why DIY braces are not such a good idea:

1. Uneven Alignment

The reason why dentist grade braces take so much time in aligning your teeth is because the procedure requires great care. The small changes over time guarantee that once the teeth are shifted into position, they won’t move back again. On the other hand, DIY braces offer quick solutions that don’t last long. After some time, the teeth will shift back into their original position and might even disrupt the alignment of other teeth.

2. Teeth Loss

Since you have no idea how much pressure your teeth require to shift into the right position, it’s a high possibility that the roots might get affected. The tight braces will restrict blood flow, as well as cut off circulation of blood to the healthy teeth. In the end, you might need to see a dentist after all but to remove your other teeth.

3. Gum Infection

Paper clips, rubber bands and other similar items are not medical-grade supplies. Once they slice into the gums, they might cause inflammation, which can lead to sores. The infection will continue to progress until the braces are removed.

4. Speech Problems

Once the teeth lose their alignment, you will see a significant change in your lower and upper jaw. It’s even possible that you might not be able to chew or speak properly. This can cause apraxia of speech or a lisp.

5. Emotional Trauma

The gum infection, lisp and problems in closing the jaw can take a toll on you. You might even damage the way you smile or how you look when you open your mouth. This can cause immense emotional trauma, mood swings, intrusive thoughts and avoidance of activities.

DIY braces might save you money on the procedure you should have gotten at the dentist but the pain you will go through afterwards will be unbearable. Eventually, the infection will cause serious problems and you will have to pay extra to not just get the gums cleaned but to get dental implants for the teeth that have rotted from the inside.

So, better schedule an appointment with the dentist for this procedure rather than trying your hand at it and making the situation worse!

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