Your HVAC System is vital to you and your family’s health and comfort. Routine maintenance from your HVAC technician keeps your system sound. But, what about in between service calls? Your first source for that answer should be your technician.

HVAC technicians are busy people. Sometimes, they must rush to an emergency call before you think to ask them what to do between service calls. Use a common-sense approach to maintenance between calls. These suggestions will get you started until you get the chance to ask your technician about additional details for your particular system.

1. Change Your Air Filters

AIr filters
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If your HVAC could talk, it would beg you to change your air filters approximately every other month. During months of heavy use, change your filters once a month for the most efficient heating methods.

Check your manufacturer’s recommended schedule for filter changes. Talk with your technician about it as well. Find out if your system has any special filter requirements.

A dirty air filter carries dirty air for you and your family to breathe. Furnaces Oshawa can help with removing the dust and debris from the furnace on a regular basis.

2. Check Your Coils for Dust

While your technician checks inside your units, make a habit of cleaning surface dust from your furnace coils each month.

Using a long, narrow brush designed to trap debris will help. Vacuum the coils if you can reach them.

If your AC unit has visible coils, clean them as well.

3. Clean Your Filter Cover Vents

Your HVAC system sends air to rooms where an air filter disperses it to the room. If airflow gets restricted, your HVAC system works harder to correct the signal it gets that the heating balance is off.

Inspect the air filter in each room. Look for dust, as that builds up quickly on the vents. Vacuum all the dust from the air vents in every room before cleaning.

When you clean the vents, unscrew them and clean the inside as well as the outside. Vacuum the air vent wells and other indentations before cleaning them too.

4. Check Your Exhaust Outlets

home exhaust vent

Before cold weather hits, check your vent stack or chimney flue to make sure nothing blocks them. Birds’ nests and pests find their way to the stack and flue whenever they can.

Check your stack or flue for leaks, backdrafts and corrosion. Dents can impact the airflow out of the house.

Carbon monoxide and other gasses build up if your heating system cannot expel exhaust as it should.

5. Keep Your HVAC System Clear

Keep rugs, drapes and shades away from air registers. If your air cannot flow freely, then your HVAC system receives mixed signals.

Keep the area around your furnace clear from everything. Nothing should touch the furnace and no flammable material should be stored nearby.

Check the blower and vacuum any dirt or debris that collects around your unit on a monthly basis.

Maintaining your HVAC system between routine service calls is effective. It saves you money and keeps your system running longer.

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