Golden retriever puppies are quite energetic and need plenty of exercise, so that they can grow into strong dogs. Making sure that your puppy gets the appropriate amount of exercise daily is not just about keeping him healthy but it also gives you the opportunity to develop a bond with him at an early stage.

An adult golden retriever must be exercised daily for an hour, whereas a puppy should be exercised half that time. The benefit of exercising is that it teaches them good behavior and prevents them from falling into destructive patterns to get your attention. From outdoor to indoor activities, try these following five exercises to keep your golden retriever puppy healthy and happy:


Fetch is a game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. It is one of the most loved games of puppies and dogs, and keeps them occupied for a long time. Here are some rules for the game:

  • If your puppy gets easily distracted, then play indoors
  • Use one of your puppy’s favorite chew toys for the game
  • Make sure there are no sharp objects in the room when playing

The Laser Pointer

A laser pointer is something that is loved by both cats and dogs. There’s just something about this game that is unbelievably adorable and funny. It’s better to play this game indoors where you can direct your puppy’s movements in safe zones. When pointing the laser, avoid shinning it in the puppy’s eyes or you might cause retinal damage.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a two-in-one game that not only allows you to get in the daily exercise in your puppy’s routine but test how well your commands work on him. Here’s how to start this game:

  • Give the puppy his favorite chew toy and wait until he is fully immersed in playing with it
  • Go and hide in an area, to which the puppy has full access
  • Call out your puppy’s name and give them the command “come”

Wait for the fun and hilarity to ensue!

Hiding Treats

Make dinner time a fun game by hiding treats in plain sight such as under the table, behind the door and underneath the rug. Give your puppy the command that it’s time for dinner and allow him to search the house. You can also play this game by giving them simple puzzles, which when solved, they get a treat.


Golden retrievers are excellent swimmers. Due to their thick coat, they don’t feel the cold much and dry easily. If you don’t have a private swimming pool, then take your puppy to a lake. Still, to make sure that a mishap does not happen, remove the dog collar and accessorize them with just a doggy vest.

There you go… five perfectly fun-filled exercise activities that your puppy will have a blast doing. Keep track of how they take each game and which one keeps them on their paws, and then make it a part of their daily routine.

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