Have you been feeling too hot in your house, even though the air conditioning system is on lately? This is one of the most common problems in HVAC systems and should not be overlooked. Houses that have a central cooling or heating system are dependent on the thermostat reading. Meaning: If the temperature of the house is not measured correctly by the thermostat, the device will create problems for the HVAC system.

Say, you have adjusted the temperature in the thermostat for the AC to work at 83°F but the house reading says 78°F. Due to the high difference between the readings, the AC will not work properly to cool the house. Therefore, not only do you need to set the temperature reading that is near to the house reading, you also need to change the temperature on the thermostat regularly, depending on the weather condition.

Following are four reasons why your air conditioning system is not cooling your house:

One of the biggest reasons behind a malfunctioning thermostat is the constant back and forth of the device trying to match the temperature in the house. This is why it is important to always hire a technician to do this job. With that said, let’s have a look at those reasons:

1. Fused Breaker

Did your house have an electricity surge? There’s a high possibility that the thermostat breaker might have blown out. This is one of the most common problems of an HVAC system malfunctioning. A delicate problem such as this requires a circuit breaker replacement, which can only be performed by a technician.

2. Broken Dial

Whether we are talking about a manual thermostat or smart thermostat, the reading can go haywire due to the place where the device is installed. Any external factors that cause a constant change in the temperature are the reason behind the wrong readings. Moreover, due to the display light being broken, you might not be able to set the right temperature.

3. Wrong Thermostat Reading

Wondering why the thermostat is not working properly even though you clean it regularly? Well one other reason that can cause the HVAC system to malfunction is a broken thermostat. This device is extremely delicate and even a little bump can cause it to read the wrong temperature. This causes the air conditioning system to produce irregular cold air.

4. Loose Wires

Do you clean the thermostat regularly? This small device simply requires a wipe from a cloth, to make sure that dust does not settle inside. Dust and debris are two reasons why the house’s temperature does not match the temperature you have set on the thermostat. The dust might cause the wires to get loose, which is why the system often kick starts in short bursts.

Any trouble with the circuit breaker can be very dangerous. A thermostat installed in the wrong place can cause it to heat up. This creates a spark due to the overheated wires, which ultimately results in a fire. So, if your thermostat malfunctions, better call a technician rather than fixing it on your and making the situation worse.

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