NFL Week 2 Film Study: What went right and wrong for the Texans

By Lance Zierlein
September 19, 2013

Lance Zierlein takes a closer look at what went right and what went wrong for the Texans -- and, more importantly, why -- in his film study session of the Texans and Titans game.

Matt Schaub goes through three progressions

Watch this endzone shot of Matt Schaub going quickly through three progressions as he finds the open WR vs. zone coverage.

The positives and negatives of two Texans running plays

In the first clip we see RG Brandon Brooks miss a securing block that he absolutely has to make in order for this run play to work while the second clip shows you C Chris Myers staying engaged with the NT which allows Arian Foster to spring the run for a 10 yard gain.

Texans Double Dual

The Texans teach their guards to "double dual" the A-Gap/B-Gap blitzers which means they are responsible to get a hand on both guys. While they are frequently successful with this technique, here is an example of where it can go wrong.

Defense Wins

There are some times when defense just wins the play.