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Teddy Bridgewater

Report Prepared By James MacPherson

Teddy Bridgewater Photo:


Class: Junior
Height: 6'2 1/8"
Weight: 214 lbs.
School: Louisville
  • 2013 Sugar Bowl MVP
  • 2012 Big East Offensive Player of the Year
  • 2013 Russell Athletic Bowl MVP - completed 35 of 42 for 447 yards and 3 TDs in win over Miami (FL)
  • Set school season record for TD passes with 31
  • Tied school record with 27 wins as a starting quarterback
  • 2013 Stats:  3,970 yards passing, 31 TDs and 4 INT

**Scouting report prepared by QB guru/former Wake Forest star QB James MacPherson

Combine Notes

**Bridgewater chose not to throw at the Combine.  He will throw at his Pro Day.  In fact, he only did the vertical jump and the broad jump

**Combine measurements

  • Vertical jump - 30"
  • Broad jump - 9'5"

**Arm/hand measurements

  • Arm length - 33"
  • Hand size - 9 1/4"


  • Smart dual threat quarterback.
  • Very good decision-maker who plays with a lot of poise.
  • Understands coverages, reads, beating blitzes.
  • Great vision and goes through his reads/progressions quickly and throws the ball on time.
  • Excellent footwork and able to pull football down and make plays outside the pocket with his feet.
  • Understands pass protections and can re-direct Offensive Line to pick up blitzes.
  • Toughness, hangs in pocket to take a hit and deliver a pass to receivers down field.
  • Plays in a system that has NFL-type pass plays, play-action passes, etc.
  • A very good leader who has command of the offense.
  • Not a blazer but fast enough to outrun players at the first level.


  • Low release, the ball will sail high when throwing over defenders, or even get batted down at the line of scrimmage.
  • Elongated throwing motion at times that allows defenders to break up passes.
  • Above average arm strength do not see him drive a lot of throws down field.
  • Not a great deep ball thrower. Leaves go routes over the inside shoulder, over throws deep throws, or passes are getting broken up by deep safeties.
  • Did not face a lot of top competition in college football week in and week out as other quarterbacks.

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:02 Low release leaves go route to the inside shoulder falls incomplete.
:46 Goes through read quickly, pulls it down for a big run and slides to avoid hit.
1:00 Great vision, recognizes Cornerback blitz and hits hot throw.
1:10 Shows his accuracy throwing on the run and great pass around the defender.
2:24 Low Release, pass sails high on him for a should have been interception.
5:21 Shows poise hanging in the pocket with a blitz coming and hits secondary receiver.
7:00 Takes off to run and a smart decision to stay in bounds to keep clock running.
7:16 Moves and slides in pocket and hits 3rd receiver.

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:01 Low release pass is high.
:35 Recognizes blitz and hot throw.
1:46 Quick pass drop nice throw over the top to corner route.
2:25 Pulls it down and runs as receivers are covered.
4:24 Leaves go route over inside shoulder and free safety able to intercept it.
6:16 Changes pass protection to pick up blitz.
7:07 Low release pass sails high should be completed.
7:31 NFL sluggo-seam route pump fakes and goes through progression quickly hitting check down.

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

1:46 Poise/Toughness hangs in to deliver pass and take the hit.
2:18 Sees safety rotation and looks off safety to hit seam route on time.
3:53 Low release misses throw high on the drag.
4:50 Impressive back shoulder seam/post throw for a touchdown.
5:14 Play action fake (NFL Spider 2 pass) goes through progression quickly.
5:50 Goes through read quickly taking the check down to the RB.
6:37 Low release ball gets batted down.
8:35 Under throws deep go route leaving pass to the inside.
9:16 Improvised shovel pass to receiver.
9:31 Questionable decision to run the ball instead of pass/throw away to conserve time for a tying field goal.


One of the smartest and poised dual-threat quarterbacks who understands reading defenses, makes very good quick decisions, and will make plays with his feet.  He is familiar running a pro-style offense dropping back from under center as well executing play-action pass plays.  His achilles' heal as a quarterback is his low release which causes his passes to sail on him.  Also, his above average arm strength and sometimes elongated throwing motion allow for defenders to have chances to break up and challenge his passes downfield.  It would be interesting to see how he would fair against some top competition and speed week in and week out.

Against Kentucky Bridgewater was able to make good quick decisions and beat Kentucky's blitzes.  He also did a nice job making some throws and runs outside of the pocket. He had a couple of passes sail on him and missed on a couple of open throws and deep routes.  His poise and good decision making carried the team and he made enough throws to seal the win on the final drives of the game.

In the Rutgers game, Bridgewater had a solid performance making quick reads and hitting a nice corner route for a touchdown.  Again, some passes sailed on him because of his low release.  However, he showed great command of the offense, making good quick decisions on pass plays and also making a couple plays with his feet to solidify the win. 

In the team's only loss this year, Bridgewater again showed poise and made good decisions on pass plays to give his team a chance to win against probably the toughest competition they had faced all season, which is not saying a lot. He made some impressive reads and throws, especially a back shoulder post for a touchdown.  There was a questionable decision by Bridgewater at the end of the game with :23 left to play from -25,he pulled the ball down to scramble and run the ball which ate up a lot of clock instead of throwing the ball, or throwing it away to conserve time.

Passing Chart