TSV Scouting Department

Stephon Tuitt

Report Prepared By John Harris


Class: Junior
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 318 lbs.
School: Notre Dame
  • First-team All-American (2013)
  • Notre Dame's Moose Krause Lineman of the Year Winner (2013)
  • Led the Irish with 7.5 sacks and nine TFL
  • 2013 stats:  49 tackles, 7.5 sacks, nine TFL, 13 QBH and one INT (pick six)


  • Changes direction well
  • Extremely powerful
  • Strong at the point of attack
  • Disciplined vs. boot or run away
  • Moves to three technique in even fronts, down and distance dictated
  • Strong swim move, combined with his strength could be his "thing" moving forward
  • Good hand usage, especially on swim move
  • Does. Not. Quit - attacks relentlessly when QB still alive
  • When he can use his quickness in space to redirect or avoid pullers, he wins


  • Stands straight up on the snap
  • Doesn't burst off the ball
  • Does not get clean once it appears he has tackle beat on his pass rush, doesn't release
  • Takes him too long to get to that point to throw his pass rush move
  • When he moves to three technique, he doesn't do much to push the pocket or get free

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

0:39 Playing 5-tech on open side, even front - he stands straight up on his pass rush, does nothing
1:01 Again, see him standing straight up yet at 6'6" and 306 he runs down mobile QB in the backfield
1:52 Quick off the ball, pads low, whips the OL off the ball, missed tackle once in backfield (replay shows he still is the high helmet - plays too high)
4:34 Finally uses his hands and his strength properly to beat right tackle on pass rush. This happened late in 3rd quarter.
7:00 Solid pass rush execution - swim over, whipped right tackle, beat short, quick set

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

0:38 inside swim move - note the quickness with which he throws hands
2:05 the roller coaster in a nutshell - stands straight up (down), strikes with power (up), drives T (up), can't get disengage (down), gets stoned on the rush (down)
4:36 Watch 6'6" and 305 run down a mobile QB, impressive
6:20 Moves to three technique, uses slap and swim move to beat guard


I'm conflicted about Tuitt.  He's so blessed with physical skills we'd all maim someone to have.  But, he doesn't know exactly how to utilize all those skills.  When he closes on the ball, it's impressive; however, that clean opportunity doesn't come up often, especially at the next level.  I just don't see a guy who's nasty and can take over a game.  At all.

I came away much more impressed with Tuitt in this game against Purdue.  It's a bit disconcerting in that the BYU game was later in the season.  But, he just turned 20 in May, so he has a ton of potential to turn into production.  He moves around the defense but he's most comfortable on the edge.  He hasn't done much when he moves inside to the three technique.  Furthermore, it dawned on me that he makes very few impact plays against the run.  So when I went back to look at his TFL vs. sack numbers.  He had one tackle for a loss that was not a sack.  That's it and that hasn’t changed extensively in 2013.