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Stephen Morris

Report Prepared By John Harris

Stephen Morris Photo: nfl.com


Class: Senior
Height: 6'1 1/2"
Weight: 208 lbs.
School: Miami (FL)
  • Third-team All-ACC (2013)
  • Set Miami school record for most passing yards in a game (566 v. NC State 2012)
  • Nine two+ TD games as a senior (2013)
  • 2013 stats:  3,452 yards, 25 TDs and 14 INT

**Scouting report prepared by QB guru/former Wake Forest star QB James MacPherson

Senior Bowl Notes

  • Morris accepted an invitation to play in the 2014 Senior Bowl in Mobile, an important week for him to eradicate the nightmare that was his last game as a Hurricane.
  • On Monday, he showed some good, smooth feet on his drop.  However, he appeared to be throwing off balance at times and not completely transferring his weight into his throws, which was a problem for him this year.  This could be due to his ankle injury still bothering him from the season.  At times, he also looked like he was having trouble gripping the football today and looked like he was pushing the football.  As a result a couple of curls and comeback passes sailed high and well out of bounds and he also missed an easy flat route poorly thrown behind the fullback releasing in the flat on a naked boot.  However, during some live fire in Team, he really displayed a lot of poise in the pocket, hanging in and completing a couple of passes.  While he is poised, would also like to see a little more urgency at well at this level especially after some errant throws.
  • Morris showed what he had shown all year - no one throws a better deep ball.  During Tuesday's practice, Morris fought the wind all over the field, but throwing deep, he was on the money.  If he could channel that deep ball accuracy into all of his throws, he'd be a first rounder.
  • The former Hurricane completed ten of his 18 passes for 89 yards during Saturday's game, but inconsistency reared its head as he also threw a game high two interceptions.


  • Dual threat quarterback who was limited with his running ability due to an ankle injury.
  • Strong arm can make all of the throws.
  • Quick release, and nice high release point.
  • Stands tall in the pocket.
  • Makes good quick decisions and gets the ball out on time.
  • Understands reading coverages.
  • Quick smooth feet and balanced footwork on pass drops.
  • Very poised and calm in the pocket against the pass rush.
  • Can throw with touch over defenders.
  • Good job selling play action fakes.
  • Plays in a pro-style offense.
  • Tough, played most of the season on a sprained ankle.


  • Tendency to throw off balance falling back off his back foot even before ankle injury.
  • Forces deep passes down field into heavy coverage.
  • Limited mobility and escaping the pass rush this season due to ankle injury.
  • Even when healthy, holds onto the football too long and take sacks instead of using his athleticism or throwing the ball away.
  • Needs to protect the football better under duress.

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:01 Great pass to post route off play action for a touchdown to start the game.
:30 Bad decision and throw to inside vertical with a free safety over the top for an interception.
1:00 Recognizes hot throw high release gets it over linebackers head.
1:31 Good play action fake and quick throw for a touchdown.
1:51 Excellent back shoulder throw to outside receiver.
2:31 Throws short pass and incomplete, off balance and falling back .
2:40 Ill-advised pass throws up for grabs, almost intercepted, needs to throw out of bounds.
4:19 Mistake, throws interception going in for a score, does not see inside linebacker.
5:07 On a bad ankle still strong enough arm to read and hit sail route for a touchdown.
5:42 Impressive throw on the run on bad ankle to deep over route.

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

3:21 Hangs in pocket with poise after being harassed all night, and delivers a big pass down sideline.
3:42 Poor block by running back should just eat it instead of trying to throw under duress resulting in a costly fumble in the red zone.
4:20 Forces throw into coverage on 1st down almost intercepted, needs to check down to running back.
4:55 Poise in pocket versus the blitz, strong throw from far hash to the comeback.
5:05 Good quick decision taking the check down with off coverage.
5:12 Poor footwork and throw on quick screen, ends up being a lateral and fumble.
5:45 Nice high point release on deep cross over linebackers. 
6:22 Another big time throw on comeback under pressure from far hash.
7:00 Great job holding backside safety and driving seam to #3 receiver.


Against Georgia Tech, Morris had one of his best games, statistically, playing on a bad ankle.  He showed his mental toughness and has a strong enough arm to make all of the throws from the pocket while not being able to completely step into every throw.  He made good quick decisions and got the ball out on time with a quick release to his wide receivers with room to run.  He did make a couple of ill-advised passes throwing into coverage.  Even so, he still overcame these mistakes to make enough big throws to lead his team to a win. He operates in a pro-style offense and will be seeing many of the same reads and make the same actions that he will have to make at the next level.  Still, he will have to better taking care of the football and not forcing throws down field into coverages if he wants to be a successful NFL quarterback as turnovers are critical to success in the NFL.


Morris had a difficult game against Louisville in the Russell Athletic Bowl.  He faced pressure all night, and his inability to escape pass rushers resulted in several sacks.  He, again, forced some throws down field into heavy coverage instead of taking shorter check down and underneath routes.  Morris still showed off his strong arm hitting some very impressive deep throws.  Also while being harassed all night he still showed tremendous calm and poise in the pocket and completing big throws in the face of the pressure.  Also worth noting, is coming into this game Miami's offense and rushing attack was not the same since losing star running back Duke Johnson.  Would be interesting to see how Stephen Morris would have played on a healthy ankle and able to scramble and escape the pass rush.