TSV Scouting Department

Donte Moncrief

Report Prepared By John Harris


Class: Junior
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 228 lbs.
School: Mississippi
  • Second-team All-SEC (2013)
  • Led the Rebels in receiving yards, yards per catch and receiving TDs
  • Caught a pass in all but two games in his three year career
  • Third in school history with 19 receiving TDs
  • 2013 stats:  59 receptions, 938 yards and six TDs


  • Excellent route runner - sells deeper routes even on speed turn
  • Against smaller corners he'll dominate them stalk blocking
  • As good a deep threat as there is in the game
  • Adjusts to the ball extremely well downfield, acrobatic
  • Uses body to shield defensive back from the ball on hitch or quick throw
  • Stutter and go footwork is brilliant - double move is exquisite for young receiver
  • Glue sticks for hands - when ball is out away from his body, he snatches ball
  • Body control, gets DBs on his hip, it's over
  • Strength keeps DBs from impacting route or ability to make catch.
  • DBs won't break up pass if he gets you on his hip, which he does well
  • Beats DBs inside WHEN THEY HAVE INSIDE LEVERAGE - uncanny


  • Occassionally not willing to physically mix it up in run game, chooses spots when to exert effort to run block
  • Not asked to succeed between the hashes
  • Fails to read coverage and adjust route - runs speed out against rolled up corner
  • First curl route I've seen and ball a bit behind him, off his hands for interception - lack of concentration
  • Not a catch-and-run receiver, doesn't display the ability to make DBs miss

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

2:01 The full package - goes up and gets one off the top of a DB's head, ball skills, balance, strength, speed and power to get into the end zone.
3:29 Makes another adjustment to under thrown ball, then beats two DBs to the end zone, showing great speed
3:53 Stalk blocks #23 Carrington Byndom right out of bounds leading way for long run TD

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

0:01 Double move is executed brilliantly
0.58 Great hands catch in traffic, then speed to beat all LSU DBs to end zone
3:09 Lack of concentration on third down, drops pass he should catch in his sleep
3:35 Comes back and makes great diving catch to get Ole Miss out of deep hole
5:35 Brushes off Tharold Simon, stays on route and makes catch for TD

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

1:17 Stutter, go and stop (reads DB playing stutter and go), toe taps sideline, gets two feet in on catch
1:59 Beats DB that has inside leverage on slant route for catch and then sprint to end zone.
3:22 Exquisite route running, sells fade to DB, gets clear to the inside and then the explosiveness to burn DB on slant route


Outside the numbers, there aren't many receivers as dangerous with the football in the air.  With the way Moncrief can go up and get the football, he extends his catching radius.  Furthermore, explosiveness was on full display against a talented Horns secondary in 2012, but to be a complete receiver at the next level, he's got to make more plays across the middle of the field.
Against LSU in 2012, he was matched up for most of the day with CB Tharold Simon.  Consequently, Moncrief abused him all over the field.  But, Simon wasn't alone.  Moncrief's ability to dominate the space between the numbers and the sideline was evident throughout the game.  Whether it was on stutter and go routes, slants or fades down the sideline, he couldn't be stopped.  About the only aspect of the passing game in which Moncrief doesn't excel is in short catch-and-run situations.  He has great speed out in space, but doesn't have the wiggle to get himself free after the catch.
Prior to playing Mississippi State in 2012, the MSU secondary members ran their mouths.  A lot.  That didn't sit well with Moncrief and he made two future NFL Draft picks pay in a big way.  Whether MSU played man or zone, Moncrief whipped every DB he faced.  They got turned around in man coverage when he beat them on slant routes all night long.  The inability to cover Moncrief may have cost MSU the Egg Bowl.  Furthermore, Moncrief didn't have any lapses in concentration as he did against LSU in key spots. 
In 2013, Moncrief saw nearly every defense's best cover man and shared the limelight with true freshman star Laquon Treadwell.  Regardless, if an NFL team craves big play ability, Moncrief must to be near the top of that team's wish list.