TSV Scouting Department

Anthony Steen

Report Prepared By Lance Zierlein

Anthony Steen Photo: Alabama 24/7


Class: Senior
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 314 lbs.
School: Alabama
  • First-team All-SEC (2013)
  • 2x National champion (2012, 2011)
  • Three-year starter, 36 career starts
  • Allowed only two sacks in 335 pass attempts (2013)
  • Injured at end of season, missed Sugar Bowl v. Oklahoma


Combine Notes

**Due to an injury that Steen suffered at end of the 2013 regular season, he was unable to workout at the Combine.

**Arm/Hand Measurements

  • Arm length - 30 1/2"
  • Hand size - 9 1/8"


  • Effective in short and long pulling plays
  • Keeps head on a swivel in pass pro
  • Continues to bring feet through contact in run game
  • Lower center of gravity allows him to ply with natural leverage
  • Technically sound as run and pass blocker
  • Once he's engaged, will start to win with power
  • Can open up in space and make blocks in screen game



  • Arms get too wide on initial punch more often than you want
  • Gets into some wrestling matches that could turn into holding penalties on next level
  • Lacks length and could struggle against interior players with length
  • Doesn't show snatch and hold power in his hands
  • Stubby frame
  • Average power as short yardage and goal line blocker

Film Room

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:17 Gets are extension and maintains a wide base to complete block
1:31 Uses multiple stab moves in pass pro to keep DT off-balance and provide himself artificial length
1:57 Shows good movement in space in screen game
2:10 LB able to get into his chest thanks to his short arms
2:34 Climbs to LB under control and gets his block
3:22 Sticky - keeps safety engaged throughout
5:01 Transitions from first block to second quickly without losing strong base
5:16 Hands too wide upon contact and can't maintain his block
6:19 Gets knocked off the spot upon contact

TSV videos provided by Draft Breakdown

:02 Gets to LB under control and works to the whistle after engaging
:42 Shows good functional strength in holding off DT with flipper
1:40 Longer DT gets into Steen and is able to drive him backwards
2:38 Executes short pull with good feet and uses proper angle for kickout block
3:49 Gives up early penetration due to losing "hands-on first" battle with DT
4:07 Loses hand battle and gets knocked off balance
4:46 Shoots hands with nice timing and staggers his hand usage to give DT a moving target which is important for shorter armed players


Anthony Steen has been a full-time starter at right guard over the last two season at Alabama where he also played on two national title teams.  Steen is mending from a partially torn labrum in his shoulder, but I don't believe that will have any effect on his draft stock as his tape shows his natural strength.
In the running game, Steen typically doesn't jar his defender at the point of attack, but as the play develops, more times than not he is able to use his play strength to move the defender in the direction he wants.  It isn't often that I see a defender overpower Steen.  Steen moves well as a pulling guard and can unlock those hips to get into space, but he's a good, not great athlete who probably shouldn't add too much more weight to his frame.
I've been impressed with Steen over the last two seasons because he's very technically sound and plays with a great deal of confidence, but it also clear that he was better in 2012 than in 2013.   He keep his head back and out of his pass protection while working hard to get his hands on his opponents first.  Steen only gave up 2 sacks and 10 pressures over the last two seasons at Alabama.
While I am a fan of the consistency, effort and strength that Steen brings to the table, there is no getting around the fact that many NFL teams are going to be very concerned with his height and lack of arm length and teams may want to take a look at Anthony Steen as a center.  While I think Steen has enough sand in his pants to anchor against a long-armed DT who can leverage Steen with his length, I do understand the concern teams will have and I think it could drop Steen a full round or even two now that his arm length didn't even hit 31".