This Privacy Policy is applicable to all users and visitors to this website only. By using the website and its services (if any), you are agreeing to comply with the Privacy Policy and implicitly give your consent to the use of the data collected by the website as stated below. The following Privacy Policy shall be in effect until it is changed and any change made in future will be applicable for past and future users alike.

The Sideline View respects the privacy of its readers and visitors and hereby declare that all data collected via any means is kept safe and never publicized via any media. The data is for internal use purpose only and no third-party website or application is grant access to the data collected from the users. Here is a brief of the data collected and the use of the data by the website and the owner.

What data is collected from users?

  • Personal information: Personal information refers to all the data shared by the user during the usage of the website in relation to himself/herself which includes, but is not limited to, name, contact number, email address, and other details enter via the various forms on the website. The personal information also refers to any data shared during granting temporary and/or limited access to public profile(s) of the user.
  • System information: System information refers to data regarding the technology used to access the website and includes, but is not limited to, OS, location, IP address, ISP, and usage statistics.
  • Some more information: This includes the data entered at the time of commenting on the blogs or posting anything on the website or contacting the website via any means.

How data is used?

Information collected via the website is used to contact the user in case it is necessary. This may be done to resolve issues, address concerns raised by the user, provide update as part of subscriber network, or any other purpose that might occur to improve the user experience. The data is used for internal purpose only and to improve the website for better user experience.

What happens when you click third-party links?

Users are advised to note that this Privacy Policy is valid until the time you are on this website. If you are redirected to any third-party website/application then this Privacy Policy will no longer be applicable.