TSV Film: Ed Reed, Daryl Sharpton, Brandon Brooks, Case Keenum and Derek Newton

By Lance Zierlein
October 27, 2013

Lance Zierlein looks at five different clips from the Houston Texans game in NFL Week 7.

Ed Reed blows his coverage

TSV Says:  Ed Reed appears to be responsible for man coverage on this play, but he gets himself way out of position and doesn't come close to recovering in time.

Darryl Sharpton fails to handle his run responsibility

TSV Says:  Last year the Texans really struggled after Brian Cushing was knocked out for the year.  Based on how Darryl Sharpton played this run, they should expect more of the same.

Brandon Brooks makes a mistake on this sack

TSV Says:  Brandon Brooks attacks the a-gap blitzer here, but the blitzed backs out and Brooks is unable to recover in order to get to Justin Houston.

Case Keenum is responsible for this sack

TSV Says:  While Case Keenum played well in his first start, he still made some "rookie" mistakes including a failure to recognize his blitz responsibility here.

Was this sack on Derek Newton or Case Keenum? Was it anyone's "fault"?

TSV Says:  Technically, Newton rode his man past the pocket, but Keenum scrambled out of the pocket in the direction where Hali was running the arc and a game-ending sack ensued.