Game of Thrones Characters as Draft Prospects

By Lance Zierlein
April 1, 2013

Game of Thrones Season Three started last night and Lance Zierlein is drafting.

Joffrey Baratheon

Won't go over the middle. Lacks toughness. Was given opportunities early on and carries himself with an air of entitlement. Lacks fundamentals and despite being named captain, shows poor leadership qualities. Never stops talking throughout the game (Of Thrones), but is a finesse player at heart who shows aggressiveness only in spurts. Smallish frame with narrow hips. Character is a major issue with him and he always needs the spotlight on him. Must go to a team with a strong locker room or he won't last long.

Round Projection / Team Projection: 5th / Jets

Robb Stark

Aggressive, physical player who will seek out contact and look to deliver a blow. Comes from a strong bloodline, but not as talented as his father. Was asked to step into a leadership due to injuries on the team (beheading) and did just that earning his role as captain. At times lacks awareness and doesn't play with great instincts. Will charge in head-first which can lead to giving up big plays. High character player with great leadership and above average talent.

Round Projection / Team Projection: 2nd / Giants

Daenerys "Khaleesi" Targaryen

Shows strong leadership characteristics. Plays bigger than her size. Appears to be fearless and is willing to go over the middle (of a desert). Takes The Game seriously and will continue to work on it. Very fluid hips with good build. Lacks power right now but could improve on that area with more work (another army). Very durable. Has faced a great deal of adversity and has been able to overcome. Background checks need to be done on those she hangs out with (Dragons, Dothraki).

Round Projection / Team Projection: 1st / Broncos

Jaime Lannister

Possesses lean, muscular build. Uses hands well. Severe character red flags that will take him off the board for some teams. Highly confident to the point of arrogance, but backs it up on the field (of battle). Not much of a vocal leader and always looking to take care of himself first. Possesses tremendous skill-set but has consistently shown a lack of discipline and self-control (sex with sister). Nicknamed "King Slayer" due to a run-in with an upper-classman a few years ago. He's selfish and lacks character, but the talent may be too good to pass up on.

Round Projection / Team Projection: 1st / Lions

Tyrion Lannister

Would be a higher pick except for his smallish stature. Short, but well-built possessing stout lower body. Not impressive with his power at the point of attack, but few utilize leverage as well as Tyrion Lannister. He shows very limited athleticism and overall talent, but has elite awareness and instincts. Despite his limitations, he performed at a high level in the championship game (Blackwater). He possesses the intangibles that some teams will covet, but unlikely to go before the mid-rounds due to his lack of overall size.

Round Projection / Team Projection: 4th / Patriots

Jon Snow

Despite coming from a small school in the north, Snow has the talent and upside to shoot up draft boards. Snow uses his hands well, is willing to engage at the line of scrimmage and is more skilled than he's been given credit for. He shows good strength and good foot quickness in open spaces with an ability to track down targets (Ygritte) in open space. Snow possesses elite character despite having a rocky family background. Played most of his games on the road in adverse conditions so he's mentally tough.

Round Projection / Team Projection: 2nd / Bills

Cersei Baratheon

Low-cut body type with limited athleticism but always seems to make plays when necessary. Plays with a mean streak and competes at an extremely high level. Is usually able to read the field well but doesn't always make good decisions. Very serious demeanor on the field and willing to take chances. Has had a slew of off-the-field issues and often brings personal issues on the field. Lacks suddenness. Appears to have a tapped out ceiling and could struggle on the next level.

Round Projection / Team Projection: 4th / Titans